Concentra believes that the best designed solutions result from understanding the needs of those that will be using them. We strive to deliver a well-executed solution that considers aesthetic merit, clarity of the information and seamless usability.

Design Methodology - small

User Experience

A high quality, well-designed user experience will make or break the adoption of a solution. Getting the right user experience requires a balance to meet an often diverse set of needs and levels of sophistication. By creating, understanding and designing for a set of user personas and scenarios we explore predicted interactions for a multiple of users. This helps us develop systems that can be used to support new ways of working and ensures the design meets user goals.

User personas and scenarios are keys tools we use to produce a projects requirements. These involve habits and characteristics of the target audience and outline what and how particular tasks might be attempted. These underlying details mean we are clear on what is expected and needed and can thus move ahead with producing a focused, on-target solution.



The look and feel of the overall solution has a profound impact on the business benefits being sought. The personality that comes through will inform the users motivation as to whether they wish to explore and use the system. An engaging, compelling visual design that promotes and communicates carefully considered messages supports adoption and longevity.

We can work with branding agencies or can design a look and feel from the ground up. We are capable of working within robust brand guidelines or can revise an existing look to give it fresh appeal. For customers unsure on a direction we employ techniques such brainstorming sessions, mood boards and producing of multiple concepts to determine a final look and feel.