Our team of management consultants has a strong heritage in operations management. We work across industries and functions to support our clients in improving business performance - from increasing profitability to reducing costs and making better use of people and resources.

We will work alongside you to identify and solve your most challenging problems, conducting rigorous analysis and applying the latest technologies to give you the insight you need to make business decisions with greater certainty.

Our support goes further than purely identifying the solution. We are passionate about creating lasting impact. This means helping you to build the platform and capabilities to ensure our solution has on-going benefits. This could involve developing a bespoke software tool or solution that addresses the problem.

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We will also support you throughout the implementation phase, using our experience in both change management and uptake management, to ensure the solution sticks.

We achieve results through using in-depth research and analysis, having a pragmatic, hands-on approach and working closely with you in a flexible way. Underpinning it all is our tried and tested Making Improvement Real methodology.

Analytical Consulting

Our experience in working with advanced modelling techniques and computational algorithms is one of our strongest assets. Every solution we propose is informed by a combination of in-depth research and analysis aimed at converting information into insight.

We are an experienced team of economists, engineers and mathematicians who can build analytical models that truly help enterprises deal with increasingly large volumes of complex information. The insights gained will support your decision-making by answering important questions about the past, present or future.

You can replace gut-feeling decisions with quantifiable simulations, or test proposed future decisions against historical data and projected trends. 

We know that analytical models are only as good as the data and the assumptions that go into creating them. Therefore, we work in partnership with you and your team to ensure there is transparency throughout the model-building process and to ensure we make the most of your experienced judgment.

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Process Improvement

Processes are the value engines in every organisation. When they are too rigid, slow, use too many resources or don’t produce the intended results, profit margins, staff and customers all suffer.

Process improvement involves two aspects: designing efficient processes and making them stick. All too often processes are redesigned but never fully embedded within an organisation. There can be multiple reasons for this, but the key ones are: a lack of stakeholder buy-in; poor use of technology and automation; and a poor hand-over between the process design and the process implementation stages of the project.

We avoid these pitfalls by working in close collaboration with your people from the start, and by calling on the breadth of skills we have in our teams. Our blend of consulting, change management and technology skills allow us to help you design better processes and use the right technology to make them stick. This way there is no loss of focus between process design and the process implementation.

Our approach is underpinned by our Making Improvements Real methodology, which is our way of ensuring that any process improvement we deploy is suited to your environment and your priorities.

Change management

Delivering successful business change is central to the majority of our projects. Our consultants work closely with you and our own team from the outset to establish the understanding and relationships necessary to support the required change.

We take the change challenge seriously and look to ensure you are able to lead the change, that efforts are focused, and that your own staff's experience of the change is positive.

Working throughout the project lifecycle, we make sure we truly understand your needs and engage with your staff to co-create the new solution and help them gain buy-in to the proposed change.

Key activities in the stages of the project delivery include:

  • Discovery - getting a true understanding of the needs of the organisation.
  • Build - continuing to engage the right people to co-create the new solution, gaining buy-in and supporting them to lead the change.
  • Implement - developing and supporting staff and launching successfully.
  • Realise - driving uptake, value and improvement.

We succeed by working closely as a team with the client and project managers, creative designers, business analysts, developers and testers. The relationships we develop are important and the change we enable critical.

Ultimately we strive to make the change stick and the improvement real.