In our experience a successful business intelligence solution has three key elements if it is to create lasting value.

Firstly, it's about having the right tools and systems for the job. This includes getting your data into shape by building out data warehouses, turning data into insight with analytical models, and making it easy to interpret through intuitive reports and dashboards.

Secondly, any solution needs to be supported by 'enablers' to make it stick. These are: aligning around a common set of objectives; agreeing related processes (e.g. data update frequencies, reporting distribution); and, where needed, up-skilling in-house capabilities.

Finally, by combining insight with your judgment and experience you can realise real value from your business intelligence solution, whether this is increasing efficiency, reducing risk or increasing profitability.

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Benefiting from a multi-skilled team

Our teams consist of expert business intelligence developers working alongside industry specialists, data visualisation consultants and process analysts. Working together as a team and working closely with you ensures that throughout the project we share a common goal of what will make a difference to your business.

Providing the right tools for the job

We deliver business intelligence solutions using software that fits your needs. We use a range of different BI technologies (including Microsoft BI tools, QlikView and Tableau) and have developed our own solutions and data warehouse frameworks.

As a Microsoft Gold Partner in Business Intelligence, our team includes a number of experienced Microsoft Certified Business Intelligence developers.

Data Management

Good business intelligence requires sound data management. Gaining valuable insights relies on having processes and systems that make it easy and efficient to gather, store, extract, aggregate and transform your data.

From enterprise data warehouse projects through to one-off data migrations, our skilled business intelligence developers use robust and flexible development approaches. 'Back-end' data management work usually accounts for the bulk of the effort in most business intelligence project.

Our data warehouse framework, designed using best practice in data warehousing and developed over many projects, is used by industry-leading clients across manufacturing, healthcare and finance. It allows us to reduce the development cycle by up to 50%, while providing you with an intelligent solution with integrated auditing, error and process logging and admin reporting.

Furthermore, we always look to design our data platforms to be scalable so that they meet your future objectives and maximise the return on investment, using the best available existing solutions, or developing our own where necessary.

We like to work as a team with your developers from the beginning. They then understand our approach and framework and will be capable of independently adding new sources of data and enhancing your data warehouses in the future.

Data Analytics

Whether it’s helping the NHS predict high-risk patients or optimising the logistic network for Europe's leading delivery company, we always get excited about data analytics and the results it can achieve for our clients.

Our experienced team of economists, engineers and mathematicians can help you build and embed analytical models that will support your decision-making process by answering your important questions about the past, present and/or future. You can replace gut-feeling decisions with quantifiable simulations, or test proposed future decisions against historical data and projected trends.

We know that analytical models are only as good as the data and the assumptions that go into creating them. Therefore, we work in partnership with you and your team to ensure there is transparency throughout the model-building process and so that we make the most of your experienced judgment.

With our unique combination of consulting and technology skills, you can be confident that the analytical solution we develop together will add lasting value to your organisation.

Data Visualisation

What’s the point of complex data warehouses and analytics if you can’t understand the outputs? With the ever-increasing flood of data, being able to identify significant trends fast is crucial for making timely, informed decisions.

That's why we believe highly visual and accessible reports and dashboards are a necessity for all business intelligence solutions. As certified partners of industry-leading, fun-to-use, data visualisation tools such as Microsoft BI tools, QlikView and Tableau, we can help you build reports and dashboards that communicate your information in the most eloquent manner. From monitoring KPIs to live tracking systems, our systems will put the most up-to-date information at your fingertips.

Business intelligence trends show that the future is about putting the power in the hands of users. That's why it's our top priority to leave your internal staff with the capability to create their own reports and visualisations to support business objectives after the system has been put in place.

We ensure this by working in partnership with your teams, providing them with hands-on training in the visualisation tools throughout the entire report and dashboard development process. This leaves you with the capabilities to continue benefitting from the solution we have put in place.

Our Tableau experts will train you to become masters in unlocking the secrets of your data. Fact Sheet