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We work across the public and private sectors, delivering tools and solutions that streamline operations, increase profitability and improve collaboration.

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Our work in Analytics

Delivering operational improvements with analytics

The use of analytics is revolutionising the way organisations drive growth, improve productivity, and increase efficiency. Fuelling this transformation is an array of new tools and technologies which can be integrated into how organisations work in cost-effective and scalable ways. Already, there are companies carving out advantages by investing in these technologies – raising the question for others as to how they can remain competitive.


Bringing clarity to complexity for today's healthcare organisations

We are committed to providing healthcare solutions that deliver ongoing benefits from day one. Our experience in healthcare means that we understand the complexities of NHS administration and care provision, private healthcare and the pharmaceutical industry.


Bring your organisation to life

OrgVue is a secure, web-based product for exploring and understanding organisations. It is built for simple and sustainable improvements and can be used by everyone.

OrgVue and healthcare

OrgVue can help you answer critical questions in an engaging way

Are your people organised in the best way to commission or deliver healthcare services? OrgVue can use ESR and other data to answer your critical questions in an engaging way. OrgVue is a web-based tool that enables you to visualise your people and the activity they do.

Patient Care Pathway Plus

Better commissioning based on the needs of the local community

End-to-end intelligence to help manage pathway costs and the commissioning of services based upon the current and future needs of the local community.


Achieving excellence in market access and healthcare operations

We work with pharmaceutical and medical devices businesses to improve market access and capture operational gains. Lasting ROI for our clients is at the centre of what we do - more than simply formulating recommendations we work to make change stick. We achieve this by having a truly differentiated combination of capabilities in operations management, data analytics and technology.

Tableau training

Our Tableau experts will train you to become masters in unlocking the secrets of your data

At Concentra, we offer a modular training programme that will deliver knowledge and expertise in the use of Tableau - the most exciting business analyitics tool on the market. We will take you on a journey from exploring and visualising your data, right the way through to creating interactive, thought provoking dashboards and reports to be shared throughout your organisation. We will enable you to become highly skilled in data visualisation so you can gain fresh insights into your business' data.

Subsites web part

The best way of structuring the information architecture within SharePoint is with a tree of sites and subsites. The Subsites web part allows users to browse through this structure in a quick and easy way.

A PDF containing a step-by-step guide to installing this web part will be included in the download.

OrgVue brochure

Revolutionise the way you see and manage your organisation.

An integrated software platform to:

  • Design your organisation
  • Analyse your people data
  • Plan and manage your workforce