Visualise. Design. Deliver.

If people are the most important asset in our organisations, why is it so hard to get useful information about our people? OrgVue is our powerful and easy-to use platform for gathering and analysing HR information and tracking the results of change.

Developed as a tool to support the work we do at Concentra in transformation and change management, OrgVue is the result of our combination of skills in operations management, data analytics and software development. It is now available as a stand-alone product.

OrgVue is designed to be ready to use within minutes. It can be used by HR and operations to understand, monitor and improve the use of people and resources within an organisation, and plan for organisational restructuring or transformation.

Key benefits of OrgVue

  • Easy integration with existing HR management information systems
  • Simple, intuitive interface
  • Powerful analytics and striking data visualisation

OrgVue packages

Our OrgVue packages contain the software, templates and examples to get you started immediately, including  'How To' videos, FAQs, experts on hand to answer project-specific questions, and implementation tracking to you show the value of the changes you make.

OrgVue packages include:

  • OrgCharter
  • HR Analyst
  • Strategic Workforce Planner
  • Fast Feedback
  • Scenario Modeller
  • Talent Manager
  • Pay & Grader
  • Competency Mapper