We work with people and organisations from across health and life sciences, including biotech, diagnostics, medical device and pharmaceutical businesses, and NHS providers, payers, regulatory bodies and charities.

Our tools take complex information and make it visual and easy to interpret so that users can focus on decision making.

Strategic pricing

'Connecting global and local teams to drive better decisions'

Our innovative pricing methodology brings together local market expertise to build a strategic view from pre-launch to loss of exclusivity, price referencing and parallel trade. Our interactive tools and dashboards give you new insights in real time to enhance management decision making.

Budget impact modelling (BIM)

'Getting the right message, right customer, at the right time, compliantly'

Our budget impact models drive consistent messaging to align providers and payers at the national, regional and localised account level. Our tools are more than just calculators, they provide a bespoke storyboard to support the field team in delivering insightful and relevant communication.

Pathway costing

'Creating a dialogue with payers and providers'

Clinical pathways are widely used to monitor quality and standardise care delivery. Our 'Comparative pathway analysis' technique compares points of difference between two modes of care and enables us to demonstrate the financial and operational impacts to payers and providers.


'Looking forward with confidence'

We build dynamic forecasting models to predict market performance of new and existing products. Our models are designed to be used 'live in meeting' which encourages ownership, debate over assumptions and confidence in decision making.

Uptake analytics

'Tracking performance to achieve targets'

We drive uptake strategy and account level tactics by integrating forecasts with retrospective sales data from the supply chain. Compare actual and predicted performance to ensure penetration targets are met.

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