Achieve excellence in market access & healthcare operations

Pharmaceutical and medical device companies are facing challenging times as stakeholder expectations are changing, development pipelines are declining and access to healthcare takes on new importance. Future success hinges on innovative business models, improved operations, and fast, efficient access to market insights and analytics.

We are working in the areas of market access, commercial management and operations support with leading life science, biotech and medical device businesses, regulatory bodies and the NHS.

Market access

Our understanding of the healthcare environment combined with our ability to deliver sophisticated decision making tools ensures you can engage with payers, providers and regulators to maximise value at each stage of the product life-cycle.

Commercial management

We can help you create the foundations for future growth and improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your current businesses, helping you manage compliance better or getting the most out of your sales force.

Operations support

To secure lasting efficiency gains, we first look to define the right solution and then use the appropriate combination of  technology, people and process to make it work.

Alongside our operations know-how, we use leading technologies (including SharePoint, QlikView and Tableau), develop our own technology like our revolutionary OrgVue tool, and create bespoke software where it is needed. After all, the technology may be impressive, but it's the results that count.

You get immediate benefits from our rapid-results method of developing tools. We learn and refine them in use rather than spending months or years developing systems that are out of date before you can start using them.