Release the power of your information

The Department of Health’s 2012 strategy, The Power of Information, has thrown down a challenge to the NHS and wider care sector to ‘realise the enormous potential benefits of information to improve our care and our health outcomes’. We are helping organisations meet this challenge.

Information is central in the changes happening in health and social care. The pressure is on to put the electronic patient record at the heart of all care, to make more and better information available to patients and service users, and to integrate information across organisations and systems.

The Power of Information is clear that there will be no more huge, central, impossible-to-manage initiatives along the lines of the National Programme for IT. While the ambition is clear, the strategy is deliberately light on detail: as an organisation, you need to find your own way to achieve your objectives in a complex and rapidly changing environment.

Our approach aligns perfectly with the new environment: we are experts in managing change and in using agile methods to develop the best tools and systems. That's why we are being chosen by high-profile clients across the health and care sectors to help them make the most of their information - sharing, integrating, visualising and using data in every possible way to improve both care and efficiency.

We will listen to you and work hard to understand your organisation and what you need. With skills in operations, data analytics and technology, we can act as a team to develop the right solution for your organisation.

You get immediate benefits from our rapid-results method of developing tools. We learn and refine them in use rather than spending months or years developing systems that are out of date before you can start using them.

To support our operations know-how, we use leading technologies (including SharePoint, QlikView and Tableau), develop our own technology, like our revolutionary OrgVue tool, and create bespoke software where it's needed. After all, the technology may be impressive, but it's the results that count.