Adapt to meet the new challenges

Innovation is rampant across the industry and change is now the norm. Keeping up with new regulations and new competition is putting a strain on operations, and meeting client, customer and employee expectations is tough. Efficient operations and ability to analyse and manage data is crucial.

Whether you're making changes to meet the requirements for capital adequacy in insurance and banking, or adapting in response to the Retail Distribution Review or Treating Customers Fairly, you're probably dealing with masses of data, complex legacy systems and embedded processes. These all make it difficult to adapt quickly.

Then there is the deluge of newly available interaction data - such as web clicks and channel journeys - that has to be harnessed for real insight.

At Concentra, we have some of the best minds and the most innovative tools to help you. Our blend of operations know-how and expertise in technology means that we can suggest smart, cost-effective changes, and make them happen.

We listen carefully to our clients, so that we get a clear and thorough understanding of what your real long-term needs are: what benefits are you after and what is the strategy driving your initiative? How must it work and who are the people who will be affected by it?

It is our blend of skills and this approach that has led to us successfully working with global clients in investment, retail banking and insurance.

We can take on board as much or as little of the technical heavy lifting as you'd like, and will work with you to develop the tools you need to make the changes and train your team to get the most out of them.

You get immediate benefits from our rapid-results method. We learn and refine tools, processes and visulisations in use rather than spending months or years developing systems that are out of date before you can start using them.

To help you be better at what you do, we use leading technologies (including SharePoint, QlikView and Tableau), develop our own technology, like our revolutionary OrgVue tool, and create bespoke software where it is needed. After all, the technology may be impressive, but it's the results that count.